November 24, 2022

Ray Winstone sends message to Harry Kane over armband ban – Yahoo News Australia

Watch: Ray Winstone sends OneLove support to Harry Kane
Ray Winstone has been praised by drag queens for telling Harry Kane to wear the OneLove armband at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.
The England captain, as well as other European team leaders, had planned to protest LGBTQ rights in Qatar with the armband but stopped after being told they would be booked by Fifa for doing so.
Prior to England's first game against Iran on Monday, which they won 6-2, Winstone recorded a message on his Instagram for the Tottenham striker urging him to wear the armband.
A number of drag queens have applauded the actor's message to England's captain and praised him for being an "ally".
In an interview with Metro, Drag Race UK star Jonbers Blonde said: "We as a community need to stand together. It shows who really is an ally and who stands up and says something."
Jonbers also said they 'absolutely adored' Winstone's message.
The Nil By Mouth actor said: “England’s first game in the World Cup today, and I don’t know what it is, but I’m not that excited. I can’t seem to get up for it.
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"Is it because it’s in Qatar? Dunno. Should it be in Qatar? No, no it shouldn’t."
Winstone then spoke directly to Kane: “Harry Kane has been told he can’t wear a captain’s armband that is rainbow colours. Usually, I wouldn’t take a lot of notice of that, but Harry, you can’t let them tell you what to do. F*** ’em. Wear the armband."
He added: “They’re going to book you. If they book you, f*** ’em. They’ll probably send you off. And if they do, f*** ’em again. Wear the armband, kid.”
Kane and the England team were criticised for backing down in the row with Fifa over the armband
Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane said Kane should have worn the armband regardless of the sanctions: "The players could have worn the OneLove armband for the first game and taken their punishment."
He added: "That would have been a great statement, take your yellow card and the medicine and move on. You don’t wear it for the second game as you don’t want to get suspended.
After the match, Kane said the decision regarding the armband was "taken out of my hands".
Watch below: Eric Dier backs Harry Kane to continue wearing rainbow armband


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